Hey, there! Let me give you a littleeee bit more context about this project/page/space whatever you want to call it. As a creative (like everybody else) I’ve often lacked resources to realise certain ideas, visions and thoughts. That’s untill I played a bit with Dall-E and thought HOLY SHI*T!!!!!! I can make anyyyything I want? What if I shoot the generated images? What if I edit real photo’s into the generated ones? What if I make a movie through this? What if what if what if???

The AI developments gave me a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. To see certain visions come to life in it’s conceptual form felt unreal. Suddenly I noticed how AI is moving me as creative into the role of a curator, a describer. Which to me is really cool. Especially the challenge of trying to make the images in a certain aesthetic. It created a crazy spark. Before I knew it I had 300+ iterations and thought, why not share it? Why not share more than just mine? Why not for free? I wondered how much beautiful work my other creative peers could create aswell, and so I started building this page and sharing the idea.

Soon enough I hit up my good friend, go-to, day-1, Thought Bouncer and Digital Designer: Tevin Stuurland. He went OFFFF on Dall-E!!! The collaboration happened very naturally. He also had the clever idea of naming this ‘aidea’ - shoutout Tev! Anyway, after both us busted our asses (with love) on Dall-E - now we’re here. We don’t know exactly where we’re going with this, but I know that it’s fun and that’s all that matters sometimes. 


So far we’re just goofing around, this is pure process. There’s not particular theme or approach yet when generating images. We’re just trying to understand it and learn as we go and involve more talented people along the way. AIDEA is the space where we try stay up to speed with our thoughts & hope to inspire you to do the same.