Catching up
with the speed of thought


Bring ideas to life 

The project is supported by creative partner Tevin Stuurland in image making, website dev and project management. Founded by Nilofar Attahi.


AIDEA is a project, a website — featuring an AI-assisted free image archive.

Through AIDEA, we hope to inspire and motivate creatives with little to no resources to start using AI as a tool to bring their ideas to life.

Free Archive

AIDEA’s free archive serves as an example. A simple image can trigger your creativity, similair to pinterest, tumblr ︎︎︎ you scroll, see an image you like and save it. Since AIDEA’s archive is free you can take it a step further: use it for your tshirts, album covers - anything.


The free archive is currently made up our of just our images (Nilo & Tevin), but hope to expand it with other artists’ images (or sound, film) as well ︎︎︎ do ‘special’ collaborations between together and eventually become a platform that promotes ideas, fleeting thoughts, creativity.

We’d like to put our money where our mouth is and bring our thoughts to reality.

Your AIDEA’s

Since our ethos is to ‘’bring ideas to life’’, we’d love to do exactly that with you. Everything goes, whether it’s a big or small idea. What’s something you’ve always wanted to make or thought of?

Our aim is to map/brainstorm these ideas out together and find a way to bring them to life in any way shape or form.

See down below some examples of what we could do.